Undergraduate Research in Physics & Astronomy at UCLA - Summer Program
    The University of California, Los Angeles, will offer a research experience program in Physics and Astronomy in which undergraduate students will work with a faculty mentor, as well as other professors, researchers and graduate students on a research project. All interested students are invited to apply for this 10 week summer program from June 22 - August 28, 2009. The participants will gain direct experience by working in ongoing experimental or theoretical research programs in plasma and beam physics, solid state physics, astrophysics and high-energy physics. All students will attend weekly seminars on current in research in physics, workshops on technical writing and GRE preparation, and computer instruction. The experience will culminate with the writing of a report and presentation of findings at a closing Symposium. The educational part of the program will be include social events with participants in other campus research programs, an astronomy camping trip and exploration of the Southern California area. Project descriptions for Summer 2009 can be found at http://reu.physics.ucla.edu/2009/projects/. To find out more about the UCLA Physics & Astronomy Department, visit the department homepage at http://www.physics.ucla.edu.

Students on a semester based academic year system are also encouraged to apply. We are willing to accommodate these students in the event they need to leave the program before the August 28, 2009 target end date.
  • Participants must be US citizens or permanent residents enrolled in an undergraduate degree program in physics or astrophysics.
  • Student must have finished at least one year of college but may not have completed a B.S. or B.A. degree.
  • College students from two-year or four-year institutions may apply.
  • Women and students from traditionally underrepresented groups and institutions are encouraged to apply.
    Participants will receive $3,750 for the 10-week program, complimentary housing accommodations and travel costs.
    Application Process
    Application form and instructions can be found at reu.physics.ucla.edu. Students may apply either electronically via email at or by mail to:
University of California, Los Angeles
Physics & Astronomy Department - REU
Box 951547
1-707A PAB
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1547

Along with the application form, official transcripts and two letters of recommendation are required for the application to be processed. Applications packets are due February 22, 2009. Application offers will be made starting February 16, 2008.
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